Founded by Swami Dayanand in 1875, the Arya Samaj has the huge importance in India. They are known for their simplicity. The people who belong to the Arya Samaj, have their prominent place in India. Talking about the Arya Samaj Marriage, there is no doubt in saying that their marriage system is very simple that took about only one or two hours to complete. Having the rich significance, Arya Samaj Marriages are performed according to the Vedic rites. They do not go with more expensive decorations or lavishness, rather they perform all the rituals with simplicity. Furthermore, all the mantras that are chanted during the Arya Samaj Marriage, are translated into the language so that the couple can understand its meaning and importance in their married life. Based on the Vedic principles, the couple gets to know the meaning and importance of each mantra. Since the people of Arya Samaj doesn’t believe in the idol worship, they perform marriages considering the sacred fire as the witness. 

What does Arya Samaj Validation Act 1937 say about Arya Samaj marriage?

The Arya Samaj Marriage obtained its validity from the Arya Samaj Validation Act 1937 with the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955. Therefore, the Hindu Marriage Act also applies equally to Arya Samaj. 

The Pre-Rituals of Arya Samaj Mariage

Let’s get into details about the pre-rituals of Arya Samaj Marriage. According to the culture and region, these rituals can vary for a different couple.

  • Sangeet function- Afew days before the marriage, the sangeet function is performed at the bride’s home. All the female friends and relatives are gathered together and sing & dance on many folk songs that unfold a new beginning of the phase in her life.
  • Mehandi Function- At this function, all the relatives gather together to make some artistic designs with Mehandi on the hands of the bride along with their hands. The red color of Mehandi designs represents the love between them.
  • Brahm-bhoj- In the morning on the day of wedding, the 16 brahmins get fed with delicious food. This ritual is very important for Arya Samaj people. Usually, all the members themselves serve the Brahmins. 
  • Chudha & Nath- The maternal uncle of the bride performs this ritual. He slips the set of ivory bangles comprises of 21 red bangles. Further, he also gifts a nose ring, also known as Nath, to the bride in this ceremony.

Wedding rituals of Arya Samaj Marriage

It’s time to get to know more about the wedding rituals of the Arya Samaj Mariage. As is already said that according to the culture and region, these rituals can vary for a different couple.

  • Varmala Function- The bride and groom exchange their garlands that indicates that they have accepted each other for the rest of their life journey. 
  • Sawagat vidhi- This ritual states the warm welcome of the groom from the bride and represents the commencement of their journey to the married life. The bride offers the groom the sacred water to wash his feet, then he sprinkles the water over his body and finally the third time, he drinks it.
  • Madhupark- A mixture of curd, ghee, and honey is used to perform this ritual. The bride offers this sweet mixture to the groom that represents the bride’s promise to nurture her family.
  • Havan- The holy fire is lightened by the Purohit in front of which the wedding is performed. Then the Purohit starts chanting the mantras that brings the blessings into their life. 
  • Pani Grahan Sanskar- After taking the bride’s hands in his hands, both of them chants the mantras promising to take care of each other’s need during the whole life. 
  • Parikrama- Then the couple takes four rounds around the sacred fire. Considering the bride as the “Goddess Lakshmi”, the bride leads the groom for three rounds. In the fourth round, she is considered as the “Ardhangini” of the groom.
  • Saptapadikriya- To make their bond stronger, the groom’s shawl is tied with the end of the saree of the bride. Then the couple walks seven steps together. These steps signify their seven special needs such as nourishment, strength, wealth, health, progeny, good luck and the loving relationship. 
  • Hridaya Sparsh Mantra- Placing their hands on each other’s heart, the bride and groom recite mantras and takes the vow to be loyal to each other. 
  • Sindoor Daan & Mangalsutra- In this ritual, the groom applies sindoor parting the hairs of the bride and then ties the mangalsutra in her neck. 
  • Dhruv Darshan- The Dhruv star signifies the permanent love. Similarly, the couple looks towards the star vowing to be permanent with each other. 

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