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Procedure, Documents, Fees & Certification for Court Marriage Registration

A court marriage is, as the name implies, performed in front of a marriage officer and three witnesses. The Special Marriage Act of 1954 and the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 both govern the legalisation of court marriages. Furthermore, regardless of caste, religion, or faith, two Indians can have a court marriage. In actuality, an Indian and a foreigner can get married in court.

To perform a court marriage, you will need the following documents:

application for marriage
evidence of birthdate
Application form and fee receipts together
evidence of a home address
2 photos in passport size
The marriage officer will issue a marriage certificate following the union. The certificate must be signed by the witnesses.

The Indian court marriage “Registration” process

There is a procedure you must adhere to in order to register a court marriage in India.

First, the district marriage officer must receive notice from both parties. In essence, the parties must schedule their intended marriage and give written notice to the marriage authority.
For any type of objection or protest, you must wait 30 days. The marriage may take place on the specified day if there are no objections.
If there are any objections, they will fall under sector 7 and the marriage officer will look into them within 30 days. If there isn’t a formalized objection, the marriage can proceed.
Three witnesses are now required for the judicial marriage to be valid.
Once everything is completed officially and without incident, a marriage certificate will be issued.

Paperwork needed for a court-ordered union in?

The crucial paperwork needed for a court marriage in 2022 is listed below.

the bride and the groom have both signed the marriage licence.
proof of both the bride’s and the groom’s birth dates
Proof of residence and two passport-size photos
Attached to the application form is a fee receipt.
Bride and groom both sign affidavits.
relational status (unmarried, widow, divorced)
a copy of the deceased spouse’s death certificate or divorce decree
a statement on a declaration form saying that neither party is related to the other in any way.

What advantages do judicial marriages offer?

A simple and affordable procedure
Save yourself the enormous expense of wedding ceremonies and traditions.
Both parties have equal rights and obligations during a marriage.
The separation does not end the marriage.
The marriage remains intact even after the death of one partner.
There is no requirement for marriage and no state law that forbids it.
filing for divorce in court is simpler
No dowry is necessary.
There were no religious rites performed during the wedding

How can I apply online for a court marriage?

Here is the procedure you must follow in order to submit an online court marriage application.

Access the city’s registration website by logging in.
Organize a meeting with the district magistrate.
Select your district now.
Include all relevant information for the husband and wife.
Select the meeting date.
Fill out the marriage certificate form now.
To submit an application, click.
Finally, a confirmation sheet with the appointment information will be sent to you.

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