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Pandit for Marriage in Ambala 

Grihastha, Vanaprastha, Sanyasa, and Brahmacharya are the four ashrams of human existence. According to Hindu scriptures, of these four ashrams, the Grihastha ashram is the most challenging. Because a person works for themselves in the other three ashrams, but a person works for others in the grihastha ashram. Living or working for oneself is the easiest option, whereas doing so for others is the most challenging. One of the sixteen sanskars of human existence, Vivah, is the procedure for entering this Grihastha Ashram.

When a person enters the challenging karmic area of his life, he requires information about it, but where can he get it? All of those details are included in the various marriage ceremony procedures. Due of this, the entire wedding ceremony For this reason, Panditji should properly comprehend the entire procedure and its implications before performing marital worship. You should get in touch with us if you need a competent, knowledgeable, and trained pandit for a wedding in the city of Ambala.

What exactly does marriage mean?

The word "vivah" is made up of the letters "vi" and "vaah." The words Vah and Vi both indicate to go with someone special, respectively. Entering the Grihasth ashram with a buddy whose traits, actions, and temperament are compatible with yours is known as vivah.

On the other hand, people select the boy and girl for marriage according on their birth charts. The traits, actions, and nature associated with marriage should be present in both of them, not in the horoscope. A person's accurate history from the time of their birth till the present is recorded in a book known as a janam kundli. For instance, what are his traits, what drives him,

what deeds has he committed so far, etc. But in this manner, nobody owns a book. Only the parents of both have the necessary knowledge about their offspring. Because of this, the parents of both parties in this work have a primary obligation to assist each of them honestly during the selecting process.

Pandit for the pre-wedding ritual

The marriage ceremony involves several rites. Below are descriptions of a few significant marriage-related rites. For these events in Ambala, we also provide the services of Panditji.

Mandap Pujan

Due to the fact that the girl's home is where the marriage ceremonies are performed, the marriage mandap was built there in the past. Before being married, the girl's side worships the marriage mandap, which is where all of the marital ceremonies are done.

Haldi ritual

While turmeric and other Ayurvedic medications were used in ancient times to improve the attractiveness of the bride and groom, turmeric worship was not practised at that time. Our ancestors had a deep understanding of Ayurveda. In this day and age, the bride and groom shouldn't have any skin-related infections. People from both families paid close attention to this as well.

The task of increasing attractiveness is done through Ayurvedic therapy nowadays in many large Ayurveda clinics across the world, however such a process is quite expensive.

Even now, ayurvedic medications used in Ubtan are still accessible, but they are quite expensive and out of reach for the average person. Because of this, it is still customary to apply turmeric as an omen to the bride and groom at their respective locations before marriage.

Janeu ritual

When the Brahmachari had finished building the Brahmacharya Ashram, the Acharya would perform the Samavartan Sanskar and give them the Yagyopaveet of the Grihastha Ashram. Yajnopaveet is a ceremony that is done in the Vedic tradition for both the bride and the groom.

Tilak ritual

The ritual for the groom is called a tilak. The people on the girl's side perform the groom's tilak and present her with presents after the girl has chosen her future husband.

Engagement  ceremony

A modest, intimate family event is an engagement ceremony. The bride and groom are announced to have been chosen for admittance into the grihasthashram in front of the privileged family members and relatives of both sides. To obtain the approval of each and every member of the family, the bride and groom wear each other's rings.

Shagun ritual

The bride is the object of the Shagun ritual. The women from the groom's family offer the bride a tilak and various gifts after she is chosen as the groom's wife.

Chuda ritual

The girl is clothed as a symbol of the duty of the grihastha ashram the day before the wedding or the day of the wedding after prayers are said by the bride's family.

Turban Retual

The turban denotes a commitment to one's family. The groom is blessed by his family and friends after they have worshipped the Lord and before leaving the procession.

Panditji performs the marriage rites.

The Arya Samaj rejects idol worship. So the Vedas serve as the foundation for the entire Arya Samaj marriage process. You should get in touch with us if you need a competent, knowledgeable, and trained pandit for a Hindu wedding in Ambala city. Marriage takes 1.30 hours to complete.

Please go on this link to learn more about Arya Samaj Marriage Rituals if you want the whole scoop.

The list of marriage rituals observed is as follows:

 Introduction and Swagat (Welcome)
Kanya Agaman  (Arrival of the Bride)
Jai Mala (Exchange of Garlands)
Madhupak  (Offerings)
Kanya Daan  (Giving hand of the bride)
Yagna and Thread Ceremony
Paani Grahan (Accepting the Hand)
Shila Rohan
Mangal Phera
Sindhoor Daan
Akhand Subhagyavati
The Shanti Path and Aashirvaad

Pandit in Ambala for vedic weddings

Many individuals are interested in learning more about Vedic marriage and its traditions. Let us first explain this to you. If you take a close look at how marriages are conducted throughout all of India, you'll see that each state has its own system. Because of this,

Bihar marriages are Bihari marriages, Maharashtrian marriages are Maharashtrian marriages, Gujarat marriages are Gujarati marriages, South Indian marriages are South Indian marriages, and Punjabi marriages are Punjabi marriages.

One of the 16 rituals, which have their roots in the Vedas, is the marriage ceremony. The Vedas date back to the universe's infancy, or billions of years ago. Now tell me, were there states like Gujarat, Maharashtra, Punjab, etc. back when the rituals were invented by the rishi billions of years ago? The ceremonies were developed by the rishi for the benefit of all humankind.

Because of this, the Arya Samaj has worked to ensure that the sanskaras are performed in the same manner as the rishi and muni who were first created in antiquity in accordance with the original forms of the rituals mentioned in the Vedas. If you want a competent, knowledgeable, and educated pandit for a Hindu wedding in Ambala, then you should contact you.

List and costs for the marriage puja

There are several materials for the marriage vidhi that you must gather. In addition, we will organise all of the wedding supplies, including Havan and other puja supplies.

Groom side:

2.5 Meter pink or white fabric, Sindoor and mangalsutra.

Bridal side:

Varmalas, Open flower, 500 gm sweets, 500 gm cow ghee.

The cost of a wedding in Ambala is around 11000 Include Panditji Dakchina Puja supplies that we will bring, as well as travel costs.

Online Pandit booking for Ambala marriages

As you are aware, each city has a large number of these autonomous Arya samaj priests. We provide the option to have the marriage ceremony completed at your location by them. We don't provide any marriage-related certificates. Our Panditji will provide you your ID evidence for government registration after the marriage vidhi procedure, which you may utilise for subsequent official marriage registration.

If you would like Arya Samaj Panditji's services to perform the marriage ceremonies at your location in Ambala, such as a hotel, marriage hall, party plot, or your house, then contact us using the information on this page or the Panditji booking form. You may schedule a wedding by calling us at the number.

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