Mandap Design

We’ve said it a hundred times, and we’ll repeat it a hundred more times: the marriage décor is the one component of marriage that never ceases to surprise us with something fresh!

We frequently blog about the most recent trends and fads due to our practise of introducing you to the newest and freshest ideas and inspirations for your marriage. We adhere to our duties out of pure passion for finding everything new and going bonkers over it.

In this article, we’ve included a few unusual mandap concepts and designs that you’ve never seen before for today. Keep scrolling if you’re looking for something unique, eccentric, and out of this world for your marriage decor because we bet these most recent mandap ideas and designs will definitely catch everyone’s attention.

  1. Close to the beach mandap and the swimming pool:

Imagine having a mandap right next to the pool and having the pool close to the beach. Yes, I am aware, quite cool, huh?

  1. Near the mandap with a fountain:

Your wedding mandap is situated in the middle of a beautifully decorated area with a lit fountain, candles all around it, and chandeliers to further enhance its attractiveness. Simply put: phenomenal!

  1. A mandap in the middle of two pools:

Have your mandap adorned in the middle of two pools if one pool won’t enough.

  1. Directly within a pool mandap:

Imagine having a large mandap in the centre of a much larger pool. It’ll make for a beautiful wedding ceremony!

  1. Easily Built Floating Mandap

Cozy wedding decor and this floating mandap situated sedately on the rooftop filled our hearts with joy. We have our eyes on this mandap, which has been tastefully decorated with a few bunches of pink flowers and a large floral chandelier. Do you concur?

  1. A tall white floating mandap

When discussing the best mandaps, floating mandaps come in front. They can make any wedding appear extravagant and are all kinds of dreamy. The mandaps may not literally be floating because they are only placed strategically around waters to give the appearance of floating, but they are unquestionably an experience to remember for a lifetime.

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